General Condition of Sale General Condition of Sale POSSIBILITY TO RECEDE FROM THE CONTRACT OR DELAY HIS EXECUTION: The seller has faculty to delay the delivery or recede completely or partially the contract, without any obligation for damages, due to any fact occurred after order or the order confirmation, indipendently from his will, as for example: difficult in getting raw materials, strikes on uor economic-productive sector or on others connected to it, natural and/or business calamities, Prohibitions or government restrictions, legal or currency changes, sensible varation on currency exchange, etc. Anyway, even for accepted orders, the reserve of undertaking for commercial references in seller’s favour remains as resolutive condition for the contract. PAYMENTS: Payment conditions have to be fixed on placing of the order. On approval rule of assessable law, ownership of the goods will pass to the buyer only on settlement of the invoice. Payments have always to be effected by the seller’s domicile. DELAYS OF PAYMENTS: In case of payment’s delays, commercial interests will be calculated on a percentage of 8%, added to the official rate discount of the invoiced currency.Eventual agreed discounts will decline due to payment’s delays. TOLERANCES: Confirmed delivery terms are to be intended exclusively indicative and, without any other indication, unically “ex works”. A tollerance of 10%+/- is allowed in quantity, total weight and technical characteristics of the goods. For the rest are valid rules contemplated by international agreements. Anyway both parts agree that delivery of the goods is not and it has not to be intended specific, even if indicated on order or on the order confirmation. Color shade can vary from lot to lot. The shading, change of the pile orientation in tridimensional needlepunched floorcovering, is not considered as fiber or production defect and raise use from every responsability. COMPLAINTS: Complaints must be notified to us exclusively by registered letter. No complaint will be accepted after 10 days from arrival of the goods and no complaint will be considered in case of totally or partially use and/or transfer of the goods. Returns will be accepted only “free our factory”, and they have to be authorized previously by the seller. Anyway, our eventual responsabilities are to be intended only and exclusively for amount of claimed goods, as per commercial invoice. Rolls must be carefully checked in order to notice eventual defects or colour’s discrepances before laying of material. TRANSPORT RISKS: As products are delivered from seller to the forwarding agent, they travel exclusively at buyer’s risks. The seller will not make any transport agreement and will insure the goods only under buyer’s explicit request and at his own risk. We don’t accept complaints for delaying on deliveries caused by the transport. COMPETENT COURT: For any dispute may arise, the Court of Prato will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes, being the contract intended, by both parts, as conventionally concluded in Prato (Italy), by ALMA’s S.p.A. domicile. TEXT In case of any dispute, the italian language text has considered as official. VARIATION: Any kind of variations to the above mentioned conditions, needs a written approval by the seller, in order to be valid.