• Since  1976 Alma is a family company  which produces carpets.  Attentive to family values but in managerial way.
 • Alma produces a wide range of needle-felt carpet for every kind of use:  fairgrounds, stands and exhibitions, show-rooms, commercial spaces,  homes,  automotive and other innovative applications.
 • Alma is oriented to product quality and to the  ability to adapt the product to the needs of emerging styles and new tastes.  Alma evolves together  with the surrounding world.
• Alma invests significant resources to maintain high production standards, capable of responding quickly and effectively to demands of global market, focusing on continuity and respecting the values of Made in Italy.
• Alma is sensitive to protecting the environment. It produces recyclable carpets within  their industrial processes.
 • Alma invests on men and on women. It is attentive to their needs and to their training. It believes in the fundamental value of human relations .
 • Alma is open, attentive and sensitive to external suggestions, oriented  to develop positive trade relations in all markets of the world..