Alma Eco-design.

In over 45 years of activity, our values have remained unchanged: quality, service, research, and operational flexibility. Instead, our commitment to sustainable production is constantly evolving, focusing on both the environment and customer needs.


  • Improving production to reduce environmental impact.
  • Using 100% recyclable materials.
  • Eliminating waste.
  • Reusing materials, giving them new life.

Through the Eco-design approach, we think and design products that respect the environment during their entire life cycle, ensuring future uses from the beginning. For this reason, we work on each stage of life cycle to provide a real contribution to climate, social and economic side.

Alma’s commitment.

When we talk about sustainability we also involve creating and maintaining jobs, developing ethical business practices, collaborating with full transparency with both customers and suppliers, and protecting the planet’s natural resources and climate for future generations.

This is why we are a sustainability partner in the national and international trade fair market:

  • We produce according to the quality and environmental standards of EMAS, ISO 14001 and 9001 international certifications.
  • We have reduced the landfill-bound waste to less than 0,5%.
  • We have replaced high-energy-consuming machinery and invested in a more efficient production line.
  • We have increased the photovoltaic system, covering 40% of the usable surface of our company roofs.
  • Our needle punch carpet is CSI Product certified 100% recyclable.

When it comes to sustainability, it’s important to consider both how products are made and their end-of-life destination, as both aspects impact the environment and can be improved or reduced.

That’s why at Alma, we operate on both side:

  • We were the first company in Europe to internally close the process of reusing our own materials.
    Waste material from other sectors is reintegrated into our production cycle, giving rise to a new product. This allows us to prevent waste production by embarking on a ZERO WASTE journey.
  • We offset unavoidable CO2e emissions generated from carpet production through absorption or emission reduction projects.
  • In Italy and in some European countries, we already collect needle punch carpet after events to give it a new life through reuse and recycling.Thanks to the international CSI Product certified 100% recyclable, our carpets can be recycled at any recycler specialising in pp recovery in any country in the world.
  • Encouraging the retrieval of used carpeting and obtaining recycled polypropylene (PPR) from it to make new items reduce CO2e emissions, energy consumption, and the use of virgin raw materials. In fact, another of Alma’s objectives is to increase the quality of PPR obtained from collected carpeting to produce recycled plastic products with virgin material content close to 0%.

Are you part of the temporary installations sector and interested in recycling or reusing used carpeting? Contact us us at, and we will be more than happy to help you finding the best solution

Have a look at our Sustainability Report 2023 to find out more about our initiatives.