Environmental Labeling

Legislative Decree No. 116 of September 3, 2020, which implements EU Directive 2018/851 on waste, and EU Directive 2018/852 on packaging and packaging waste, makes environmental labeling mandatory for the proper management of waste at the end of its use.

We report in the table below the environmental labeling for our product packaging, broken down by type. Please check for each component the abbreviation or symbol below to know the correct disposal method.

We also recommend you to check the regulations of your municipality for proper disposal according to the separate collection categories.

Component Material Code Symbol
Cardboard tube Smooth cardboard PAP 21
Tube cap HDPE PE-HD 2
Adhesive tape PPL PP 5
White packaging film LDPE PE-LD 4
Green packaging film LDPE PE-LD 4
Stretch film LDPE PE-LD 4
Box Corrugated cardboard PAP 20
Pallet Wooden FOR 50