Our commitment to creating value in all its forms extends to our production processes. We aspire to produce responsibly and with care for the environment. Thus, we have started an important journey in carpet production aimed at reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gases emissions, to face climate change.

The starting point was the analysis of our production processes. Our technical department determined the amount of CO2e emitted into the atmosphere during the production of our products. We did it in collaboration with a specialized firm in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Carbon Footprint calculation, applying a methodology compliant with ISO 14040, 14044, and 14067 standards.

However, despite our efforts to refine processes, replace machinery, and reduce waste, our work impacts the planet in ways we cannot eliminate, like any human activity. Yet, what we can do is take responsibility for what we cannot eliminate.

Hence, since 2023, we have invested in environmental protection projects to offset our unavoidable CO2e emissions.

Through access to the Voluntary Carbon Credit Market (established by the 2005 Kyoto Protocol) companies can voluntarily choose to offset the CO2e generated by their processes by co-financing projects such as reforestation, forest conservation, renewable energy production, and energy efficiency.

Last year, we chose to support the Cordillera Azul forest conservation project in Peru, along with participating clients, contributing to:

  1. a reduction of 15 million tons of CO2 over 10 years.
  2. Mitigating climate change.
  3. Supporting 28 sustainable local businesses.
  4. Creating new job opportunities.

In 2024, we are supporting the 300 MW Solar Plant project at Bhadla, offsetting all CO2e emissions from needle punch carpet production destined for the Italian events and trade fair market

This project contributes to:

  • the avoidance of 693,327 tons of CO2 emissions annually.
  • Reduced reliance on fossil fuels through solar energy.
  • The production of approximately 741,845 MWh/year of renewable energy injected into the grid.
  • Job opportunities during both construction and operation phases.
  • Infrastructure development in the region through new roads and improved energy production.

Perché compensare la CO2?

Fai bene al pianeta, fai bene al tuo business.

Insieme possiamo organizzare Eventi Sostenibili con moquette carbon-neutral, valida per ottenere la certificazione ISO 20121.

Per ogni ordine fatto, sarà rilasciato contestualmente un attestato a testimonianza del contributo dato e mensilmente sarà possibile vedere il certificato di riferimento dei crediti di carbonio annullati sul nostro sito.

The CO2e Compensation project is implemented, verified, and certified by the internationally recognized Gold Standard organization, ensuring traceability once credits are issued and registered.

Infine, Alma mette a disposizione un supporto alla comunicazione per aiutarvi a divulgare il valore aggiunto della moquette carbon-neutral usata negli allestimenti.


Follow project progress and offset in real time, month by month.


Follow project progress and offset in real time, month by month.

La moquette consegnata nei primi due mesi del 2024 è stata interamente compensata da Alma. Adesso continuiamo insieme!